The Bac-Detect System

The Bac-DetectTM system is sensitive and accurate, fast to result, simple to use, and easy to fit into existing workflows. It is the only product offering a rapid PoI/PoR (point of issue/point of release) test for economic volume testing, such as at a blood centre. Third party trials have confirmed that Bac-DetectTM is complete, ready to be commercialised, and simple to use.


Simple three-stage protocol on a 96 well plate:

Centrifuge platelet sample for 2 minutes, pour off platelet additive solution or plasma
Add proprietary reagent mix; incubate for 12 minutes
Transfer to cytometer for 50 sec per sample test


Bac-DetectTM uses a standard flow cytometer – a standard piece of lab equipment comprising in-house manufactured optoelectronic components, laser modules and dedicated software. Forward and side scatter with up to 4 fluorescent channels to detect all (≥50 nm) species of bacteria to below 1000 cfu/ml. Automated system generates 96 test results in less than 3 hours.

Bac-DetectTM is a rapid screening system for bacterial contamination of platelets aimed at point-of-release testing prior to transfusion. Bac-DetectTM combines state-of-the-art flow cytometry with a novel, proprietary sample preparation to deliver unrivalled speed, accuracy and sensitivity in detecting bacteria from platelet samples.

Key Features

Rapid detection, ranging from c15 mins for one sample to <3 hrs for 96 samples (<30mins technician time).
Highly sensitive, detecting ≥10⁴cfu/ml bacteria, well below the level considered clinically relevant and ideal for pre-release testing.
Only a small,<1ml, test sample of platelets is required.
Bac-DetectTM detects all bacteria currently known to science.
Software enables simple results (e.g. positive or negative), or more detailed analysis of contamination, with data files stored for future reference.
Traceability ensured through bar coding of each sample and sample plate.
Software and plate design enable flexible usage from 1 sample to 96 samples.
Simple protocol and automated process mean low skill threshold required and risk of human error is reduced.
Provision of control samples enables confirmation of accuracy for routine use.
Small footprint of lab space required; semi-automated process using standard 96-well plates easy to fit into existing workflows.


Bac-DetectTM has been specifically designed for the universal detection of bacteria in platelets. It is ideally suited to pre-release testing and has the potential to protect patients from a significant risk of morbidity; reduce costly wastage through the elimination of disposal of still viable platelets.